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The AFIP (Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals) Certification Program is a college-level continuing education program designed to give in-dealership F&I professionals and lender and vendor support personnel the regulatory and legal knowledge necessary to excel and a strong foundation for industry-specific ethical practices.

As an Industry Member, The Oak Group ensures that all of its Business Development managers are AFIP Certified. They, in turn, bring that emphasis of legal and ethical business practices to the dealer partners they serve.

About Our Certification Curriculum
Everyone starts with the Basic Course. It provides comprehensive F&I compliance training – everything you need to know to comply with the law. In addition to federal and state regulations, it addresses best practices and industry-specific ethical considerations.
The Senior Course updates candidates on new and revised laws and further develops their knowledge of F&I compliance.
The Executive Senior Course addresses regulatory updates and builds on the candidate's mastery of F&I compliance. If you choose this option, you will recertify at the Executive Senior level every two years.
The Master levels take a 75-question multiple-choice, case-based exam that assesses the candidate's knowledge of, and ability to apply, the finer points of the more complex regulations. Many questions present real-world situations in which the candidate must apply his or her regulatory knowledge to select the correct response. Answering correctly requires a full mastery of the material.
The Master Certification Course is the third and final tier of the AFIP Certification Program. Candidates will update and expand their knowledge of the federal and state regulations by proving they not only understand some of the most commonly misunderstood or misapplied regulations, but showing they understand how these laws apply in real-world scenarios.
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